The opponents in the reporting match have such opposite tasks that it is generally difficult for them to understand each other. Ak Bars is trying to take the first place in the division from Avtomobilist, and with it a place at the very top of the Eastern Conference, along with all the “gingerbread” and “sweets” that it provides in the playoffs. Traktor’s main task today is not to fall into the same “mighty handful” that will share the last place in the playoff zone for three, and it’s good, if only for three. Maybe for four, if Siberia fails. Maybe for five, if Amur continues to gain on average at least a point per match.

That is, from this side, victory in the reporting match is needed by both one and the other. But the rivals represent not only different weight categories, but also stellar systems as a whole. Ak Bars, in principle, can play on equal terms with Traktor and its VEHEL team if it motivates it correctly. “Traktor” should hope for a miracle and that the players of Kvartalnov will go to the home ice, as they say, “to crush hedgehogs with their bare butts.”. And this cannot be ruled out, but in no case should one lay on it either. The situation is not right now for the citizens of Kazan to rest on their laurels.

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So, logic dictates: “Tractor” in the capital of sunny Tatarstan has nothing to catch from the word “in general”. “Ak Bars” will run over it with an asphalt paver, without any problems and mental anguish. Many goals will not be scored, a very grassroots match can be expected. But, let’s say, the score 2: 0 will satisfy the hosts “to the very bald spot”.

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