Bell and you can Hermes used to have a casual relationship, having Bell carrying an abundance of trust in your

Hermes concerned Bell’s advice as he try trapped on the dungeon, helped giving Bell an opportunity to dance having Ais, and you will offered your and Mikoto suggestions about just how to 100 % free Haruhime of the woman lifestyle because the an excellent prostitute. Bell actually indexed that Hermes try the best dental tactician he got ever before found.

Yet not, their matchmaking turned burdened following the Xenos experience on the surface. Safeguarding Wiene from other adventurers brought about Bell’s reputation plummet. Worrying getting Bell and believing that coexisting that have giants are junk, Hermes install a plan to trap the newest Xenos in the a great dead-end canal, having your alone understanding the treatment for the latest cell. In exchange for you to guidance, he requested one some of the creatures rampage at first glance making sure that Bell you’ll kill them while having their character restored.

Afterwards, Hermes advised Bell the explanation for his steps. Bell could not decide if he disliked the God on account of his help in for the past, however, Bell cannot forgive your possibly. Hermes grabbed it when you look at the stride and said he’d always meddle inside the life, telling Bell that he is their enthusiast.

Bell’s observed parent along with his simply loved ones when you find yourself broadening up. Zeus nurtured Bell’s need to one-day visit Orario and you can getting a character, in addition to his wish for a go run into which have a woman. Just in case Bell are unsure regarding themselves otherwise how to handle it, the guy believes returning to a piece of recommendations Zeus once informed him or create believe just what he would state now if the the guy have there been, providing Bell the fresh care for and you can electricity to move give.

To date, Bell doesn’t remember that his father has been real time, neither does he be aware that he’s in fact a goodness.

Wiene [ ]

Wiene ‘s the first Xenos you to definitely Bell befriended in addition to one they are closest to. On its earliest find, Bell is actually surprised abreast of their significantly more human physical appearance therefore the reality she wasn’t exhibiting decisions normal off a monster. The guy made an effort to imagine the guy failed to see their initially, however, later rescued this lady when he spotted that also other creatures assaulted the woman. Immediately following discovering that she you will talk and you can smile just like individuals, he decided to protect this lady.

Bell cares much to possess Wiene, knowledge their aspects of the outside world, managing her softly, and managed to explore Argonaut while moving into earliest day since she was at threat. When Bell while the remaining Hestia Familia was indeed assigned having delivering Wiene to the Xenos hidden village, he was saddened which he was required to leave the lady behind, guaranteeing the lady which they perform select one another again.

Bell cherished Zeus dearly, in which he was full of a deep feeling of loneliness up on reading off their going death

Whenever Lyd informed him that Wiene got seized by hunters, he turned into calculated to help get a hold of the lady, inspite of the Lizardman’s objections. When their Vouivre’s Rip try ripped away and she went on a good rampage on the surface, Bell secure their from other adventurers, though it triggered his reputation in order to plummet. Whenever Wiene’s wonders brick is damaged, she informed Bell you to she was happy he had been here in order to save your self their which she appreciated your just before turning to ash. Bell are heartbroken and you may involved to help you scream in grief or even on her resurrection by the Fels.

Even with his reputation when you look at the shambles, Bell still wished to let Wiene additionally the most other Xenos you to definitely was indeed involved on top make their way back towards dungeon. Bell actually fought against Ais to protect the woman, seriously looking to convince the fresh new Sword Princess you to definitely Wiene wasn’t like many beasts. Before separating ways, Bell promised the woman he tends to make a world where they you will live with her, playing with an excellent pinkie promise at Haruhime’s suggestion.