How does is it NSA getting so concerned about security?

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As to the reasons, whenever, whenever Snowden connected to flash-push didn’t security bells come off in the SOC in the NSA saying, Hello, another person’s having fun with a flash drive or whenever he’s getting huge amounts of information off the internal system to his computer system or thumb drive, was it you to definitely acquired? As to why just weren’t the individuals laws in position? Right? Far more productive try behavioral analytics, best? It’s can we use a level of statistics against our users during the standard the, their facts as well as their habits, right. When we be aware that a specific user accesses, type of database, if not her program at the times from go out, oftentimes, otherwise out of specific machines, certain Ip address, right after which you to definitely alter. Therefore legal off that and say, Hello, better, we have found a keen anomaly.

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Is things Cambridge escort do not select before. Such as for example, one of several something that has been advertised about Snowden research would be the fact he’d socially designed a colleague regarding ours in order to provide your their code. And you can apparently the guy used that password to get into good couple of possibilities.