The study try authorized by the ethics panel off Trakya College

Away from , i did 52 two-sided subcutaneous mastectomies from the Agency of Synthetic, Reconstructive and you may Graphic Functions, Trakya College Medical, Edirne, Poultry ( Dining table 1 ). The typical patient age are twenty eight.2 (age groups, 18-47). Brand new loads away from clients was in fact anywhere between forty and you will 100 kilogram and you will mediocre bmi (BMI) are 23.cuatro (Bmi variety, fifteen.6-thirty six.7). Thirty people got a history of choosing testosterone hormonal therapy in advance of operation. Hormones treatment is abandoned a month in advance of surgical input. Also, for each and every diligent undergone a complete psychological, endocrinological, urologic and gynecological investigations, and therefore anticipate new medical diagnosis away from “FtM transsexualism” to-be produced. A keen ultrasound examination are did to check on the existence of glandular tissue and to prohibit any pathologic mass in every cases. ‘Patient Told Consent Form’ is actually obtained from all of the somebody.

Dining table 1

Preoperatively, the option of techniques try centered on breast dimensions and you may degree out-of facial skin excess, body suppleness, NAC dimensions and you can standing. A several degree breast class is did centered on nipple size and you will epidermis a lot of:

The people were informed concerning compatible technique out-of slices and you may you can easily postoperative scars. For these customers who perhaps not accept postoperative marks outside the subpectoral trace, this problem try noted. After that, particular subcutaneous mastectomy try chosen based on the algorithm displayed for the Shape 1 .