You are essentially recycling while giving upgrading the object’s purpose. It looks neat and will be a welcome addition to your outdoors. Carve the central portion of a dried or a fresh pumpkin and fill it with bird seeds. The birds will love that extra juicy taste coming from the pumpkin, and the idea will be a super duper hit among your guests too.

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  • Basically, the Tranquil Outdoors bird feeder is made of durable, all-weather acrylic with a dimension of 11.8 x 4 x 5 inches.
  • Trays attract the widest variety of seed-eating feeder birds, including pigeons, starlings, and House Sparrows, but also grosbeaks and native sparrows.
  • This is great for smaller birds like cardinals and chickadees because these are the types that can cling while feeding.
  • You also have to take it off your window when you have to clean and refill it with another suet cake.
  • Epoxy resin is a durable, synthetic resin material capable of preventing damage from squirrels chewing on feeders in an attempt to get to the food.

Failing that, get a stand that can hang bird feeders on and simply stand it close to your window. And if you want to go really low tech and also have a windowsill that’s suitable, just scatter some food on there and see if you can tempt any birds. How can you give an active call to those beautiful birds living in your area to visit your backyard regularly?

Tip #4: Keep Birds From Hitting Windows

UV-stabilized plastic is a popular material for bird feeders, as it prevents discoloration from the sun over time. They don’t need adjusting, it is ready to go straight out of the box. A tube feeder with a five pound seed capacity, this hangs from a branch or a pole. A circular perch provides ample space for several birds to all feed from the four ports near the bottom. Recipes for bird feeding suet include seeds, raisins, and other small things. Insect feeding birds, such as a woodpecker, like suet, but almost any bird will feed on it, especially as the weather cools down.

Wooden And Recycled Bird Feeders

DF OMER comes with too many amazing features, durability at the top, to not appeal to any bird lover. The uninterrupted view is a major perk, which goes perfectly with a simple design. The compact design is deceptively spacious enough to house two to four birds at a time. This simple yet eye-catching bird feeder weighs up to 1.96 pounds with a dimension of 12 x 4.75 x 6.25 inches.

Having a tall feeder pole may be the easiest way to attract birds especially the ones that flies high up in the air. There are also birds that comes to enjoy fly through bird feeders and what’s best way than to hang them in a good, sturdy pole. Many window bird feeders come with suction cups which can sometimes be a bit iffy, even without a bird perched on it! Make sure to check any reviews of potential feeders you might buy as you’ll see whether people have had an issue with them. If you don’t want to buy a specific feeder there are a few alternatives for you. You could always try and hang a fat ball or a normal bird feeder in front of your window – see if you can hook some on to your window frame or similar.

Suction Cup Acrylic Window Bird Feeder For Outside & Removable Tray Drain Holes

With that amount of sucrose, the birds will feel full but they get no nutritional value. There are plenty of claims for ultimate oriole feeders but it is difficult to put real criteria on which one is truly the best. One thing is for sure, the Poly-Recycled Oriole Feeder is a great feeder with every bit of intention of becoming the best performing one so far. The Perky-Pet Deluxe 24 oz Oriole Feeder is a must-have if you are an oriole fanatic. It is big enough to fill a 24 fl oz nectar that will be enough for few feeding sessions.

Bird Feeder Plans

But because of its small size, even with just smaller birds eating from it, I had to refill it at least once a day. What really don’t like about this bird feeder is how flimsy it is. Just a light breeze will shake the whole feeder and spill all the contents to the ground. Also, I have observed that the squirrels and chipmunks can easily get their way around this particular bird feeder. Another thing that I truly appreciate is the chew-proof materials that make up the whole bird feeder. I find persistent squirrels really annoying when they chew on everything on their path just to get the food that they want.

The whole feeder is only 8 inches tall, so it’s not big enough to accommodate larger birds like Blue Jays, but small finches will be able to perch on the lip of its tray. This bird feeder has two hooks, as well as a food and water tray, and it clamps to the railing of your balcony. Attract songbirds like cardinals and chickadees with this tube feeder, which you can fill with black oil sunflower seeds. Most birds prefer to feed closer to trees and areas of cover rather than right next to your house. Plastic bird feeders are inexpensive and lightweight, but they aren’t the most durable choice.

Create A Strong Suction To The Window

Yes, it’s most definitely okay to feed hummingbirds sugar water. Never use brown sugar, organic sugar, raw sugar, powdered sugar, or turbinado. All these sugars have additives or contain ingredients toxic or harmful to hummingbirds. If your feeder isn’t dishwasher safe, the easiest way to clean it is to dissemble it as much as you can. Then mix hot water with a bit of dish soap in a bucket or container and put the feeder parts into it.