Our Team

Our Team


It is our people that get the job done and win our clients trust. Our staff is our main asset. We employ highly educated and skilled staff to provide our customers with maximum return on investment. We take care of our staff and train them continually to keep them up to date and enable them to make decisions with the least amount of bureaucracy.


While TruceAid is made up of many strong individual players, it is through our standard processes that we become a great team. Our processes allow us to share that knowledge with our clients and our own team.


We offer services on a fixed-price/fixed-time basis or a time and materials basis. With fixed-price/fixed-time, the risk is on us to deliver the agreed upon scope within the time and price of the original estimate. Based on our sound processes, TruceAid stands to deliver all of its fixed-price/fixed-time services within budget and on-time.

We also bring this rigor to time and materials engagements. This commitment gives you the peace of mind that regardless of the pricing model employed, you will receive the same disciplined execution approach from TruceAid, every time.


We live up to our promise which is why we don't make them lightly. We believe in doing what we said and would do it, that’s what makes us different from rest of our competitors.


We tell our customers and ensure that they understand and are comfortable in all aspects of the relationship before we start any engagement. We believe in long term partnerships and customers who are willing to achieve their goals with our help.